Contest Rules

1.         These rules govern all hole-in-one contests conducted by TboxTour LLC (“Tbox”). These rules also govern all other contests conducted by Tbox except to the extent that the rules published by Tbox for any such other contest provide differently, in which case the rules for such other contest shall govern. Tbox’s hole-in-one contest and all other contests are referred collectively to as the “Contest.”  (This is a legally binding document, so pay attention to the definitions.)

2.         Only Players may participate in a Contest.  To qualify as a “Player,” (a) you must be 18 years or older in age, (b) you must have entered the Contest by downloading the TboxTour mobile app (the “App”), registering as a user and paying the applicable Contest fee, and (c) you must have entered the Contest and paid the fee from a location where it is lawful to play. If you have registered your 16-year old daughter to play and she hits a hole in one, rejoice!  But Tbox is not going to pay the purse to her or you. And you still have to pay for the drinks.

3.         The Contest is only available on Tbox participating golf courses.  There is a list of participating golf courses on the App.

4.         The App offers Players the ability to enter the Contest on a daily, monthly, or annual basis.  If you elect to enter on a monthly or annual basis, Tbox will automatically renew your subscription at the end of each month or year by debiting the credit or debit card that you have provided, unless you tell not to do so.  You may opt out of the automatic renewal process at any time via the App.  Contest fees are non-refundable (except as provided in rule #20 below), so make sure that you want to enter before you submit payment.

5.         To win the Contest, you must be playing on a TboxTour-designated hole (a “Contest Hole”).  Congratulations if you hit a hole-in-one on another hole, but it doesn’t count as a Contest win. We have video monitoring equipment on our Contest Holes.  Look for our sign.

6.         Tbox loves to pay winners.  We exist to pay winners.  But to be fair to all Players, Tbox must see it to believe it.  Our video equipment has a purpose.  You are a winner only if we can see it on the video.  Our decision is final.  Our video cameras will operate from about 30 minutes before sunrise until about 30 minutes after sunset.  But that doesn’t mean that there will be enough light during that time for us to see from the video both you and your shot.  If it’s cloudy, the light is low, or leaves are covering the green, we may not be able to see your shot.  If you hit a hole-in-one, but we can’t see it on the video, you don’t win the Contest. Stuff happens, including bad weather and other acts of nature and technical disruptions.  If after you hit, a pterodactyl flies down and blocks our camera’s view of the hole, we will not credit you with a win.  You’ll have a great story, however.  Same if we don’t see your ball roll into the hole for any other reason, including the failure of our equipment.  To repeat:  our decision is final, even if you and everyone in the universe are totally convinced that we are wrong. 

7.         To win the Contest, you must be playing during an official round during normal golf course operating hours.  This means, among other things, that you must have signed in with the golf course starter or pro shop and paid any applicable green or other fees.  If you snuck onto the golf course, you can’t win.

8.         For Contest purposes, you may only play the Contest Hole once during a round. This means that you can’t go to a Contest Hole and make multiple shots.  Duh!  We’re not stupid. 

9.         Tbox offers a weekly (Monday-Sunday) prize (the “purse”).  If during a week (as defined in rule #10 below), more than one Player wins, then Tbox will split the weekly purse among the winners.  For example, if each Player in your foursome hits a hole-in-one on the same hole on the same day, Tbox will split the purse among the four of you, along with anyone else who hit a hole-in-one on a Contest Hole that week.  OK, our lawyer may have gotten carried away, but just in case!

10.        For Contest purposes, the week begins at 7:00 AM on Monday and ends at 9:00 PM on Sunday.  All times are U.S. Eastern time.  This means that for a 10-hour period each week, from 9:00 PM Eastern on Sunday to 7:00 AM Eastern on Monday, the Contest isn’t active.  In general, this should not create an issue because as explained in rule #6 above, our cameras operate only from 30 minutes prior to sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset, and even then, a hole-in-one doesn’t count for Contest purposes if, because of low visibility or other issues, we cannot see it on our video recordings.  But if you hit a hole-in-one after 9:00 PM on Sunday, it does not count for Contest purposes even if captured by our video recordings.

11.       Tbox uses the 10-hour period at the end of each week to permit winners to claim the purse before we roll it over to a new week.  If no one notifies us on a timely basis—see rule #12 below—that he/she hit a hole-in-one during a week, Tbox will roll over the purse to the next week. Because we are sporting, and because we love to pay winners—see rule #6—we may increase the purse the next week. We’ll decide how much, if at all, to increase the purse.

12.       So, you just hit a hole-in-one.  How do you claim the purse?  You must do the following two things:

  • Using the App, you must retrieve the video of your hole-in-one. If prior to playing a Contest Hole, you activate the record feature on the App, then we will have bookmarked your shot, which means it will be easy for you to locate and retrieve.  If you didn’t activate the record feature, you will need to locate the video of your hole-in-one by, among other things, identifying the golf course where you were playing and the date and the approximate time of your shot.

  • After retrieving the video of your hole-in-one, you must, within 6 hours of hitting the shot, use the App to notify Tbox that you have won. As part of the notification process, you will also forward the video of your hole-in-one to us.  We must be notified within 6 hours, because otherwise we may award the purse to someone else or roll it over to the next week. By forwarding the video to us, you represent to us that the video is of you and that you hit the winning shot. (Our lawyer says to remind you that we may sue you for falsely representing that you have won.)

We will verify all winner claims within 72 hours of the end of the contest week. We will pay out all purses within 30 days of the end of the verification period.

13.       This isn’t really a Contest rule, but rather a reminder that with the App you can retrieve, view and save a recording of your play of any Contest Hole, whether you hit a hole-in-one or not.  Using the App, you can bookmark our video recordings just prior to taking a shot, which makes it easy for you to locate and retrieve the video later.  We encourage, but don’t require, you to use this feature before you play a Contest Hole.  Also, this is a reminder that by retrieving and saving or confirming a video, you represent to us that it is a video of you and your playing partners, you acknowledge that the recording will be posted in the App and will be viewable by other users, and you consent to the posting and our use of the recording. At some time in the future, we may also offer the ability for you to forward a saved video to your friends, golf instructor or therapist.

14.       The Contest is a game of skill.  As with any game of skill, there is an element of luck.  Tbox will use the rules of the United States Golf Association (“USGA”), except as provided below, to determine whether your hole-in-one or other Contest shot wins. Put another way, Tbox will credit you with a hole-in-one only if you would be credited with a hole-in-one under the USGA’s rules.  No waiver of the USGA’s rules is permitted.  Among other things, this means you don’t get a mulligan, regardless of what you and your playing partners have agreed.  You are permitted, however, to hit from any tee box.  If you’ve been hitting from the blue tees all day, and you decide to hit from the white tees in order to score a hole-in-one, we’re OK with that choice.  The choice of the tee box is between you and your conscience.  If you choose to hit from tees closer to the green than you have been playing up to that point in the round, then we take no responsibility for the endless grief that you will get from your playing partners.

15.       We don’t pay cheaters.   No matter how clever you and your partners think you are, we will not pay if you do anything to manipulate the odds of winning.  See rule #14, for example.  If you train your pterodactyl to intercept your ball in flight and drop it into the hole, we will not pay.

16.       About purses.  If we offer a non-cash purse, we reserve the right to award a substitute purse of equivalent value if the original non-cash purse becomes unavailable for any reason.

17.       About video recordings of you.  By playing the Contest, you agree that we can record you.  Duh, you’re on camera—see rule #6 again.  If you win, you agree that we own all recordings of your awesomeness, and that we can do whatever we want to do with the recording of your win, including sending it repeatedly to everyone in the Universe forever, for commercial or any other purpose.  Before we pay, we may require you to sign a form confirming that we have the rights that we just said we had.  If you don’t sign it, we will not pay.  By the way, we can’t really anticipate in advance that you’re not going to win, so we’re also recording your other shots, and by playing the Contest you also agree that we can record those shots and do whatever we want to do with the recordings except as provided in rule #19 below and the TboxTour Mobile App End User License Agreement and our Privacy Policy which are located at and

18.       About taxes.  Tbox is required to notify the tax collectors when we pay you a purse, and you’ll probably owe taxes on your winnings.  The tax collectors require us to provide them with the Social Security number and other information about a winner.  So, before Tbox pays you, we will require you to complete a form.  You must complete it before we pay.  Just letting you know in advance.

19.       About privacy.  Didn’t we say that you’re on camera and that we are recording?  We still respect your privacy.  If you ask via the App, we’ll delete the recording of your play of any hole as soon as feasible, which doesn’t mean immediately or even soon, because we’re recording lots of video on lots of golf courses.  If you ask via the App, we’ll also delete the recording of your win, but you must ask before we pay you the purse, and if you ask we will not pay you. In any event, if you are a winner, we will not publicize your name, if you ask us in advance not to do so.  We will, however, identify the golf course on which you were playing and the date of play.  We will not provide your email address, your telephone number or your address, as contained in your Player profile, unless you agree.

20.       The Contest is void wherever it is prohibited.  Obviously, Tbox thinks it’s lawful where participating golf courses are located.  Our concern is that it may not be lawful in another state or country where you reside or where you sign up to play.  If we determine that it is unlawful for us to offer the Contest to you, we will refund the Contest fee that you have paid, and we will not pay you any purse.

21.       Employees, officers, directors and owners of Tbox are not permitted to play the Contest.

22.       About disputes.  If you disagree with our decision about whether you won a Contest, we remind you that our decision is final.  See rule #6. We are the referee for the Contest. If the case of any other dispute, the dispute-resolution provisions of the TboxTour Mobile App End User License Agreement located at govern. 

23.       Tbox reserves the right to change the rules.  We will notify Players in advance of any rule change via the App.