By registering, the Outing Coordinator acknowledges and accepts the following terms and conditions.

1.    TboxTour (“Tbox”) conducts a weekly hole-in-one contest (the “HIO Contest”) pursuant to rules that may be found atwww.tboxtour.com/rules (the “Contest Rules”). Tbox will sponsor an Outing only if it takes place at a golf course that participates in the HIO Contest. At each participating golf course, one par 3 hole has been designated a Tbox contest hold (the “Contest Hole”). The HIO Contest takes place only at a ContestHole.

2.    To qualify for sponsorship by Tbox, an Outing must (a) last no more than one day and consist of at least of nine holes of play, including the Contest Hole, and (b) the Contest Hole may be played not more than once during the greater of nine or 18 holes of play, or twice during the greater of 27 or 36 holes of play.

3.   To participate in the HIO Contest, a golfer in the Outing must meet all of the eligibility requirements of the Contest Rules. For example, the Contest Rules state that a golfer must be 18 or older to participate. A golfer in the Outing will not, however, be required to pay Tbox a contest fee. Additionally, a golfer must(before hitting their first tee shot on the Tbox hole), download the free mobile app and register by completing a player profile in Tbox’s Apple or Android mobile application (the “App”). A golfer who meets the requirements stated above will be a “Qualified Participant.”

4.  A Qualified Participant will be eligible to win all or a share of the purse in Tbox’s weekly HIO Contest if (a) he/she hits a hole in one on a Contest Hole during the Outing in accordance with the Contest Rules, and (b) the Outing Coordinator notifies Tbox by telephone and by email within 6 hours of the winning shot. Compliance with the notification process is critical because, as explained in the Contest Rules, Tbox verifies winners and awards the purse on a weekly basis. The notice must include the name of the golf course, the name of the Outing, the name and contact information (including mobile telephone number) of the winner, and the approximate time of the winning shot. The Outing Coordinator shall support Tbox’s efforts to identify and retrieve the video of the winning shot in order for Tbox to verify it in accordance with the Contest Rules. Tbox may also request a photograph of the winner dressed in the clothing he/she was wearing when he/she hit the hole in one and a copy of the winner’s driver’s license or other form of government-issued photo identification. Tbox’s telephone number and email address for notification purposes are 1-703-375-9464 and [email protected] Prior to receiving all or a share of the weekly purse, a winner must complete certain forms as explained in the Contest Rules.

5.   In return for allowing Qualified Participants to participate in the HIO Contest, Tbox will be permitted to market the TboxTour service and the HIO Contest to participants in the Outing. In addition, the Outing Coordinator agrees to identify Tbox, in all marketing materials for the Outing, as an Outing sponsor and the sole sponsor of the HIO Contest on the Contest Hole. Tbox may provide the Outing Coordinator with marketing materials for thispurpose.